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Hotel Rome for Jubilee 2025

Choosing a Hotel in Rome for the Jubilee 2025 means identifying a facility that is strategically located and comfortable for the guest.

Luxury on the River is one of them because it is a short distance from the Jubilee 2025 sites and because it provides guests with services and pluses proper to a superior category facility.

The hotel is less than two kilometers from the Vatican and therefore from St. Peter's Square. In a few minutes' walk we can reach St. Peter's Basilica and its holy door, one of the four present in the capital and open only on the occasion of the Jubilee.

Hotels in Rome center for Jubilee 2025

The Jubilee begins on Christmas of the previous year, 2024, and ends with the following Epiphany, or January 6, 2026.

With the opening of the holy door we experience one of the most important rituals of the Jubilee.

The four holy doors are all located a short distance from Luxury on the River:

  • St. Peter's Basilica: 1.7 km;
  • Basilica of Saint Mary Major: 2.8 km;
  • Basilica of St. John Lateran: 4.3 km;
  • Basilica of St. Paul Outside the Walls: 6.2 km.

It is easy, then, to reach the holy doors, which symbolize an extraordinary path to salvation offered to the faithful during the Holy Year.

Luxury hotel in Rome for Jubilee 2025

Thanks to the strategic location of Luxury on the River, it will also be easier to participate in the major events planned during Jubilee 2025:

  • Jan. 24: Jubilee of the world of communication;
  • February 08 and 09: Jubilee of armed forces, police and security;
  • Feb. 15-18: Jubilee of artists;
  • Feb. 21-23: Jubilee of permanent deacons;
  • March 8 and 9: Jubilee of volunteerism;
  • March 29 and 30: Jubilee of the Missionaries of Mercy;
  • April 5 and 6: Jubilee of amalti;
  • April 25-27: Jubilee of Confirmation candidates;
  • April 28-30: Jubilee of people with disabilities;
  • May 1-4: Jubilee of workers;
  • May 4-5: Jubilee of entrepreneurs;
  • May 10-11: Jubilee of musical bands;
  • May 16-18: Jubilee of fraternities;
  • May 23-25: Jubilee of those celebrating their First Communion;
  • May 30 and June 1: Jubilee of families;
  • June 7-8: Jubilee of associations;
  • June 9: Jubilee of the Roman Curia and nuncios;
  • June 14-15: Jubilee of sports;
  • June 21-22: Jubilee of rulers;
  • June 23-24: Jubilee of seminarians;
  • June 25: Jubilee of Bishops;
  • June 26-27: Jubilee of priests;
  • June 28: Jubilee of the Eastern churches;
  • July 13: Jubilee of prisoners;
  • July 28-Aug. 3: Jubilee of young people;
  • Sept. 14-15: Jubilee of Consolation;
  • Sept. 20-21: Jubilee of justice workers;
  • Sept. 26-28: Jubilee of catechists;
  • Oct. 4-5: Jubilee of grandparents;
  • Oct. 8-9: Jubilee of consecrated life;
  • Oct. 18-19: Jubilee of Marian spirituality;
  • Oct. 18-19: Jubilee of the missionary world;
  • Oct. 28-Nov. 2: Jubilee of the educational world;
  • Nov. 15-16: Jubilee of the socially excluded;
  • November 21-23: Jubilee of choirs and choral groups.

Discover Luxury on the River, Hotels in Rome for Jubilee 2025.

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